I cannot install windows xp as a second os. My bios acknowledges the hard drive is plugged in but xp installer doesnt


Mar 1, 2016
I want to install windows xp on my computer as a second os. I want to play some old games that I cannot play on windows 10. Anyway, I turned my flash drive into a windows install disc (It is a legit copy). I unplugged my main hard drive so I wouldn't accidently format my drive I forgot to unallocate the hard drive that I was going to put the os on(300ish gb) when I tried to install the os. So, the bios said os not found turning off computer so I plugged my main hard drive in to unnallocate the second one. When I restarted my pc I was happy to see the windows xp install usb drive do its thing. When I got to the part where you have to click on what drive you want to use it says number of mass storage devices available and it says none. I continue then it checks the c drive which of course it cannot find it. My bios detects the hard drive that I want to install the os to but the windows xp installer does it. Is it possible that my computer is to good to run windows xp?

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