Question I cant boot with my ssd

Apr 5, 2020
I have had some real problems with my new samsung evo 860 250gb. I have made a clean windows 10 install from a usb, using the media creation tool. I have successfully installed windows on it, but the problem is that it wont show up as a bootable disk in bios. I know that the drive is working, I used my old hdd that still has windows (I intend to use it as mass storage) to download Samsung Magican on it to check if the drivers are up to date. The thing is the samsung program does not register the ssd, pretty strange since it did when I first tested it out before installing windows on it. I have reinstalled the windows install setup on the USB and formated the ssd and reinstalled windows again, did not work. I have messed around in bios (the ssd shows up in the right sata port) to try and force a boot from the ssd, did not work. Neither enabling CSM launch or changing sata mode to IDE. I have removed both USB and old HDD with windows when starting the pc, did not work. I don't really know what the next step is from here.
Apr 2, 2020
Here are some reasons for SSD not booting. Knowing the reasons, you can always find a solution for your SSD not booting.
  1. SSD not booting after cloned from HDD
  2. The SSD was not the first boot device
  3. The system partition is not active
  4. The file system of C drive may become corrupt or damaged.
  5. The System files are damaged
Solution 1. Migrate System Disk with a Professional Software if Cloned SSD Won’t Boot
Solution 2. Set BIOS Boot Order to give the SSD Boot Priority
Solution 3. Rebuild MBR for the SSD
Solution 4. Set SSD Partition Active
Solution 5. Check and Fix the Boot Partition’s File System Error
Solution 6. Reinstall Window 10 on the New SSD