Question I can't download the Windows update KB5003173.

Sep 17, 2020
Hello everyone.

I'm currently facing a very weird problem: It's impossible to download the update 20H2 KB5003173, which is accorded to Windows security. It tells me " we couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes ", and then my PC restarts. Windows Update tells me that I can find some help by typing 0x800f0922 on internet. But here the hang: I have tried everything: Running sfc, DISM, clear booting my computer, resetting Windows Update, troobleshooting it, disabling .Net Framework, etc... I even used specialized apps such as Windows Repair Tool. Nothing works. The wierdest thing is that I could download other updates without any trouble.

I am running Windows Professional 64 bits version 20H2, and the OS version is 19042.928.

So, Let me know if it is happening to you too. And also, do I really need this update for my Windows to perform well or is this optional?

Thanks for your answers and have great day/evening.


Sep 17, 2020
Are you on version 20H2 yet? If not, go to the website and click on Update Now.

If you are, the new major version (21H1) will be released in a few weeks, or sooner. Do the Update Now at that time. It will very likely fix the issue. I've had similar issues in the past and fixed them by doing a major update.
As specified in my initial post, I am on version 20H2. I guess I'll wait until 21H1 but it upset me that there is no efficient ways to solve this kind of problem.


Sorry, I didn't see you was on 20H2.

Updates for Win10 have been troublesome for me. Troublesome for others, and yet most others have no issues at all. As we speak, my laptop has 0x80070643 on a Defender update. I will ignore it because it's likely the update for tomorrow will fix it. It usually does.

The problem is, once you get an issue, it's nearly impossible to "fix". I've also been through most of the things that you listed above. None of it helped except: #1. I had to restore an old backup to "fix" it once and #2. An update to a new major version of Windows fixed it.

I now make a backup each month, right before Windows Update Tuesday just in case things go wrong.

Maybe someone else will have an idea, but you've already tried a lot of things that we would usually suggest.


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He isn't the only one with the problem of that update not installing
apart from manual update, other ideas include
clean boot - Try a clean boot and see if it changes anything - make sure to read instructions and make sure NOT to disable any Microsoft services or windows won't load right -
Running windows update Troubleshooter
Resetting windows update

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop cryptSvc
  • net stop bits
  • net stop msiserver
  • Ren C:\WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • net start wuauserv
  • net start cryptSvc
  • net start bits
  • net start msiserver
Run sfc/DISM
right click start button
choose powershell (admin)
type SFC /scannow and press enter
once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:
Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth and press enter
SFC fixes system files, second command cleans image files, re run SFC if it failed to fix all files and restart PC

I see it in my to be installed sometime list. I might try to get it. (it worked for me)
I am now on 19042.985 and given 21H1 is 19043.985, it already includes the patch you can't install so can always wait until its live (it mustn't be far away) and install using the Update assistant Gardenman linked to before
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