Question I can't figure out how to make my Min/Max/Avg FPS appear in MSI Afterburner, all other stats appear.


Oct 5, 2002
I have never been able to get MSI Afterburner to display any FPS information other than my current FPS and Frametimes. I have checked dozens of YouTube videos and tried to Google it multiple times, most of the results are from random sites that just give ultra-generic "Try reinstalling the app." "Try rebooting" "Try updating your drivers" help that is completely useless. The few times I do find something relevant, usually on reddit, it's from several years ago and the UI/options don't even look the same anymore.

When I am in-game, all that I see is this:


When I open up my monitor, I can see that the fields are there, but are in fact empty and not even recording anything:


Everything I have selected seemed to match up with what I should have selected to have them appear, and I tried setting a logging hotkey as well as set a log file in case that was it but that doesn't help either. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.