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Question I can't figure out waht needs replaced... -Asus Anti Surge shutdown, Laggy PC, Faulty GPU or PSU?- No idea


Aug 28, 2013
So a few months ago I first came across the issue. When ever I launch a game my computer will shut down and take me to a bios screen saying A power surge has been detected and ASUS anti surge shut my pc down to protect it. I don't play a lot of video games anymore so I've been living with it just basically using my PC to watch tv shows and stuff. However just recently even while watching movies my pc has graphical glitches where the movie will freeze for 5-10 seconds and pixelate heavily I can only assume this is a result of the same issue.
I thought all of this was a result of a faulty PSU which it still could be. So this week I decided to mess with stuff because I didn't care anymore if it broke. So I went ahead and disabled Asus anti surge and the shut down issue still remained, but when it restarted it just didnt go to the anti surge screen and went straight back to windows. I clocked my I7-4790k back to 4GHz and the issue still persisted so I clocked it back up to 4.2GHz. Then I removed my 980TI(which wasnt overclocked) and booted with integrated graphics and everything worked. Games would launch and my OC wouldn't shut down but games would crash which seemed like an improvement. So finally I re-installed my old 760 and now my games are playable again nothing crashes but everything is laggy for some unknown reason. Even simple games like Brawlhalla max out my CPU usage when nothing else is running. CSGO does the same thing.
I have no idea what any of this means.