I cant find my external hard disk on my computer through its detected


Apr 4, 2012
I recently bought a Seagate GoFlex external hard drisk capacity 500gb.
I can see the drive recognised in the USB port and also in the device manager. But when I go into "Disk Management" , There isn't a alphabet allocated to it and when I click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths" it gives me an error message saying "The operation failed to complete because the disk management console view is not upto date. Refresh the view by the refresh option" and a little more. No matter how many times I refresh or restart my computer, My hard disk isn't being recognised there with an aphabet.
It is recognised on other PC's and I've been using them to transfer files but in my personal one, I can't access it. Whats wrong with it and what do I need to do to rectify it?

I use Windows 7 if that info is needed.