Question I can't get my NVMe SSD to boot after installing a new GPU ?


Jul 22, 2021
I installed a new GPU, everything was working fine. I then opened Msconfig to go into safe mode to run DDU as I always do with new GPUs.

I don't know what happened from here. I used DDU to uninstall my drivers but chose the wrong drivers. I then did another safe mode boot to uninstall the Nvidia drivers. I think what happened is that the AMD drivers were also removed when I screwed up the first time around.

Since then, I've been unable to see my NVME drive in my Bios. I turned CSM on and was then able to see it, but when I set it as my main boot, it refuses to let me use it. I can see all the files in the drive and the drive itself through the Windows options, but I can't boot from it. It has my main OS on it and I'm completely screwed without it.

Even with MSconfig, I'm unable to see the drive as a boot option and am only being given Windows 7 as an option.