Question i cant instal windows hd drivers


Sep 14, 2016
i have a hp probook 650 g1 with a i5 4300m and integrated hd graphics.
  • i tried a clean registry uninstall with display driver uninstaller,
  • tried to instal the latest intel hd driver from intel site,
  • tried to instal the driver from hp official website,
  • tried to install it from device manager via update,driver downloads but gets an error at installation.
if i try to install the driver from intel site or hp site , driver installs no error there, computer restarts but the driver is not seen in windows.
in device manager it shows some basic monitor stuff and a driver from 2006. cannot change resolution.
driver is seen in ''programs'' in control panel. but the laptop acts like the driver isn't installed.

i cannot change resolution from display proprieties as it's fixed on 1920x1080.

i tried with intel driver assistant tool,there it detects that there is a driver update,downloads it, instals it , restarts , and same thing ,driver is not seen in windows.
refresh rate is detected at 1hz although the maximum is 64hz. what can i do.

i suspect this issue appeared after trying to instal some drivers from the hp website , but i m not sure what driver caused this issue. maybe intel chipset driver (inf) but i m not sure. any help?

its really lagy to use the laptop this way with 1hz refresh late lol. and i dont want to reinstall windows as i did a fresh instal 2 days ago.

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what is showing is dxdiag?

right click start
choose run...
type dxdiag and press enter

in next pop up, can you click save details
this opens file explorer, create a file and save it somewhere you can find again.
upload text file to a file sharing website and we have a look at it.

the 2006 drivers likely have a wrong date, all drivers that come with windows show a date of 2006, regardless of if its right or not. Its likely drivers running are from Intel but built into windows.