Question I can't install Windows Server 2019 on RAID 10 ?

Jun 5, 2021
Hi everyone I’m looking for help, I can’t seem to be able to install Windows Server 2019 after I created RAID10.
I have this server Dual Intel Xeon E5420 CPU's with Intel E11003 M/Board 4x2TB.

I created RAID in BIOS
(Ctrl+ Alt+ E). I have my OS on a bootable USB made with rufus, so raid is now enabled instead of Legacy or Enhanced so it boots on usb and shows the windows setup files issue is it does not show drives to install the OS on maybe because it’s set on Raid mode because when I change and disable raid and select legacy/enhanced then boot on usb it loads then setup files and shows disks to install to it shows 4TB which I understand raid 10 gives 50% of full capacity. I installed it to 100% then when I changed to raid mode it says no boot found