I can't set game graphic !!

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hameem 1

Jul 24, 2011
all my games (COD7 , COD4 , nfs shift 1 and 2 , ofprr) i can't set all the graphic settings to max .. settings like AA and Anti-Stropic i set at x16 .. but there is no deferent .. i still can see the jugged edges , i mean i can set it at max but still the same image quality, if i can't make aa16 and other settings to work then the other settings like texture is not at max .. i can't get the best graphic of the game :(
i tried to adjust the nvidia control panel settings over and over again but didn't work .. i updated the latest driver 285. 62 but still the same problem
in my laptop with HD 4330 card i play black ops and other games at 800x600 with aax16 and i can't see any edge only smoothness

my PC space are listed below --> v