I cant share my full drive in win 7 local network


Yes, you can -- first right click on the drive in Windows Explorer and select properties.

Under the sharing tab, advanced sharing, check the Share this folder box and give it a name (one letter will do). Then click on the Permissions button and set it to whatever level you want for "Everyone."

Click apply and OK to get back out to the properties box and click on the Security tab. Click the Edit button and then Add, type Everyone and then click OK, which will add all internal users to the sharing group. You can do them individually if you need.

Then go into the Network and Sharing control panel and select advanced sharing settings, click the down arrow for Home or Work and turn on file and printer sharing and turn off password protected sharing -- unless you want to use that; then save changes.

That should allow all computers on your internal network to access the drive with whatever level of user ability you selected, like read only, read and write, etc.


Dec 1, 2011


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