Question I can't stream with Amd Ryzen 2400G

Sep 18, 2019
So basically I built my own pc rig for twitch streaming but it's been a nightmare I get so much lag when checking on the twitch site too see the quality it's not even watchable not sure what else to do to make my streams viewable for others my pc specs are below

MSI x470 gaming plus motherboard
AMD ryzen 2400G cpu
Xfx radeon 580 8gb ddr5 ram graphics card
48gb of ddr4 memory ram
25inch hp gaming monitor 144hz hdmi
Elgato 4k60 pro capture card
Windows 10

Not sure what else can I do any advice would be grateful I plan on upgrading cpu and graphics card in a few weeks.

Yes, you needed a more powerful CPU and GPU.

You need a min of a R2600/x from AMD and in I7 8700/k from Intel to have a CPU capable of gaming AND streaming simultaneously. 6 cores/12 threads is the min. Most will recommend a R2700/x or 9700k/9900k. Also, the GPU is too weak. You should be looking at a GTX1070ti/RX590/RX5700, so that you have enough GPU grunt to play the game and output decent streams too.
Watching your stream while streaming it through the same connection will bottleneck your internet no matter how much up and down load you have.

The el gato pro uses hardware for the encoding so the CPU impact should me minimal,using the AMD version of OBS would have the same effect.