Question I changed my PSU and my screen doesn't show anything, BIOS doesn't launch although my computer works

Sep 12, 2020
Hello everybody,

This is my first thread in this forum. I'm happy to be among you. Let me tell you what happend to my computer. One day I have done my work on my computer and shut it down properly using operating system, but I didn't unplug the computer. I slept and next day, I tried to start my computer but It didn't work, no reaction, no display, no fan sounds, nothing. I though that electricity was cut once or twice while I was sleeping. My computer was plugged and normally that caused some damage to parts of my computer. I researched about the problem, and I found that the motherboard or PSU causing the problem. More specificly, the glass fuse in my PSU has burned. Then I decided to buy same motherboard and PSU to test and fix my computer.

Here I want to give you some detail about properties of my computer.

Motherboard: ASUS P5KPL-AM SE
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7400
PSU: Bross ATX-230 230W
RAM: Kingston 2x2GB DDR2
Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD5450

I ordered ASUS P5KPL (not ASUS P5KPL-AM SE) and Bross ATX-230. Motherboard came eaelier than UPS, I immediately opened the cargo box and put the new motherboard but it didn't change the result. I got nothing. And today, I got my new PSU and I put it, It made a great change! It launched my computer both CPU and PSU fans start working but... I don't see anything on my screen :( Then I connected my wired keyboard and mouse (both keyboard and mouse work, tested). Then, I restart my computer but same again, I don't see anything on my screen and also there is no light on my mouse and keyboard. Then I figured out that everything is fine but my computer doesn't launch BIOS, due to that I can't see BIOS launching on my screen and OS doesn't start.

I tried almost everything today, I tried 7 hours. Right now, my thumb and index fingers are hurt due to plug and unplug things, I'm tired.

I'm open to any recommendations and I can take any photo that you might need.



Sep 29, 2020
You spent a lot of money repairing a real old (ddr2) PC.

Have you attached a motherboard speaker? It should give out a single beep if everything in bios is OK.

Looks like you pulled it apart and haven't reconnected everything properly.
Double check your CPU and its fan, double check your ram is locked into the correct dim slot and double check that your GPU is fully locked into the pcie slot and you have connected the power cables properly and that you have connected the monitor cable correctly.

Was your old motherboard exactly the same make and model as the new motherboard?
If not, your ram might not be compatible with the new motherboard.