I cleaned my PC 2 days ago.n.. NOW it restarts ..


Jun 5, 2012
I cleaned my PC 2 days ago..... cleaning means nothing just opened the casing and cleaned the dust using a small brush.... did not removed RAM or any other component.... After I cleaned my PC it switched on as usual and I was able to perform successfully. On the next day It successfully switched on but there was no DISPLAY on the monitor...... And after about 15 seconds, it Restarted and there was NO BEEP sound as well.... I\'m not that much Technical and I need help.. What can I do for this ????????????????


When you brushed, are you using some sort of canned air to blow the dust away or better still, a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust & debris?

In any case, just open your PC again & check if any connection might have gotten loose that you did not notice. Plug & unplug the power cables in the motherboard to improve the contacts. Good luck.