Question I did a really bad thing

Sep 25, 2022
Well I think I broke my system and it’s entirely my fault. I just cleaned out my pc of dust and got my idle temps to go from 45C to 30C and everything was running fine. Well my fam started to make a whirring sound so I figured there was a little dust stuck to it. So I kinda smacked/tapped the fan (it really wasn’t that hard like a light slap) and my pc display instantly froze.

So I figured I probably screwed something up inside so I powered it off. Unplugged all components, cleared cmos, reinstalled everything so I figured it’s all good.

well I boot the first time and all I get is lights, fans and peripherals and hdd and ssd activity but no display. So now I’m kinda freaking out figuring it’s my gpu. I wait like 5 minutes and it won’t post or even send signal to the monitor. So I went to power it off and the power button doesn’t even work to turn it off? I held it for a good 2 minutes waiting for something to happen. I had to flip the switch in the back and unplug the psu then plug it back in. Now I plugged it in again and powered it on with the button (it works to turn it on?) and now I get no power to peripherals and no display still. I still get hdd and ssd activity.

Did I kill my gpu and then proceed to kill my psu too?

things I’ve tried:
taking out cmos battery
Taking out gpu
Taking out ram
Taking out nvme and hdds and ssd
Completely unplugging every cord from the back
Disconnecting cpu power

X570 Gaming x
Rtx 2060 gigabyte (cheapest one I could find)
Ryzen 5 3600
Corsair vengeance LPX
Corsair tx850m

Alienware 2518h
Razer keyboard
Razer mouse
Power a Xbox controller
Old Bluetooth/wifi adapter

please help me I built this pc 2 years a go and it’s never had problems and I’m extremely poor I can’t buy any new parts and my only option is to try to fix this.


Jun 13, 2020
There can be many things that went wront, its hard to say. Since you've tried a lot of solutions already, I would say, go all out and, disassemble the pc, every single part and cable, and build it again, you never know what you have missed while trying diferent methods, so best would be just start from scratch.
If that doesnt provide any intel, then.

Depending from where you are, look at your local web market / shops to get a motherboard beeper speaker like This. They cost like 1-2 euros, and can prove to be quite the tools, while troubleshooting. You should be able to hear beep codes when system has entountered a problem during startup/post cycle.