I did my 550BE X2 cpu X4 but need help in some thing


Feb 8, 2010
hello guys
i have
CPU : AMD phenom X2 II 550 BE
Mobo :GA-MA785GT-UD3H
bios Ver F3
RAM 4GB KS bus 1333

and that a pic from CPU Z for orginal states

i heard about make ur X2 pro to X4
and i followed the steps

1-enter Bios
2-MB intelligent Tweaker
3-Advanced clock celbration
4- EC Firmware selection {hypird}
5-Advanced clock calibion {AUTO}

and the new pics

all that is good
but i notice some thing

next 2 pics


i notice that

core Voltage , Core speed , multi plier not fixid
Q:1 is that normal ? i haven't notice that b4 make X4 CPU
Q:2 1.424 core voltage is high .. cuz i see some persons choose 1.3
and some thing in that rage

and i notice that when i loaded on pro it's seem to be a fixid 3114.0 MHz
so i need help plz

and another question plz
i have ram 2*2GB KS bus 1333
from CPU-z
at memory tab
i see DRAM frequency 669.7
is that the normal for my ram
or should be higher
and my NB frequence 2009.2 MHz

SRY for a lot of questions and plz i need help
ty :D
Sure. Everything looks normal to me
Q1: Yes, This is a power saving feature of AMD processors. If you were to load up your CPU it would be a constant 3.114GHz. You can disable this feature in the bios (sorry I'm tired and forget what it's called)
Q2: That's not a question. If you want, lower your voltage and run stability tests. But you could have gotten a CPU that was unfit for being a quad core so you might need more voltage to keep it stable than a regular quad.

and another question: DDR means double data rate. They advertise the effective speed not the actual speed. DDR will do 2 things per cycle as opposed to one so the effective rate is the actual rate x2 (669.7*2=1339.4). Your NB is normal speed also.


Feb 8, 2010
ty for ur fast reply
and i have another question in Q2
what's the good new voltage u see it will be good with new quad core
and that will consider OVER ClOCK
cuz iam afraid from that
and dont wanna my bro destroyed
so plz need more help about that :D
and ty

I'm not sure I understand. You are asking what is the safest voltage to raise the CPU voltage to because you are afraid of frying the CPU?

Of that I am unsure. The thermal parameters say 0.875V - 1.5V. So to be safe I would not go beyond 1.5V, which to me seems reasonable for overclocking. Don't forget to keep an eye on the core temperature and test for stability.


Feb 8, 2010
mmmm u see that 1.5 it the safe
is 1.5 will be good for the new core
and for core tempreture
i need to use everst
right ?
and ty
i have to take a look on OVer clock forum to know more :D
and ty for ur help again