Question I didnt realize my CPU was overheating for nearly a month how much permanent damage did i do?

Feb 12, 2021
I have a Ryzen 2600x and i recently realized that for some reason it overheats crazy especially when playing games - any game even light games like CSGO heats it up to 85-90 degrees is it because of the stock cooler or is there another reason to it?
Also it's been nearly a month since i got this CPU and i just realized the problem and i've been playing for hours everyday. How do i know if it caused big permanent damage to the CPU?
I have a Ryzen 2600x ... heats it up to 85-90 degrees ... know if it caused big permanent damage to the CPU?
It didn't likely do any harm...the CPU is rated for a max temp of 95C by AMD so you're safe. But I would suggest getting better cooling to help it out. Often times it's poor case ventilation especially when playing games as air coolers on CPU's can't be very effective when GPU heat isn't being exhausted.
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Your processor is designed to thermal throttle or even shutdown to protect itself from damage.
Its highly unlikely anything was harmed, or had its lifespan shortened so dont worry about that. I would however recommend looking into better cooling solutions.
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Most Intels will give 100% boost, until it hits its thermal ceiling, which in some cpus is upto 105°C, seriously unhealthy, and only then will chop the boost levels which can mean seriously choppy performance to shutdowns.

Ryzens are much more pro-active, they'll start lowering boost levels much sooner in an attempt to give you the best performance without hitting that ceiling. If a Ryzen gets to thermal shutdowns there's something seriously wrong with the cooling somewhere.

If there's inadequate cooling to start with, you'll never hit the max possible boost. With Intel, you would hit the boost, for a short period, then 'oops too hot' shutdown.