Question I Don't even know...

Apr 2, 2020
Hey Guys!
I have a problem with my computer.
Some of the games I play freezes over time, and I tried everything I could do about that. I asked my friends,

they are more experienced than me, and even they could'nt do anything about my problem. I've tried reinstalling

my drivers, reinstaling my Windows, refreshing my drivers, refreshing my bios, tried playing games wihout the

graphics card (it works!), trying the graphics card in another slot, cleaning my PC (blowing into every plug that

comes out of the PSU).
The games I've tried: TERA (3-4 minutes)
Witcher 3 (3 minutes, 1/2 hour after the reinstall)
NieR:Automta (2 hours max, and the next day, it crashed after 1,5 hours)
I've tried to play Skyrim and other games that does'nt require high performance, they worked well.
My system has an Asus Z170 ProGaming Motherboard, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, Intel I7 6700K, Gigabyte GTX 980TI Graphics

My problem is that i can't play high performance games (my PC could run those).

I hope you can help me, I run ouf of ideas. :(