Question (i dont know if this is the right spot to put this) Motherboard beeping, not posting possibly cpu/mobo/graphic's card issue?

Jan 11, 2023
Hi, so today i attempted to upgrade my cpu from a ryzen 3 3200G to a ryzen 5 4500, upon taking the ryzen 3 out i bent some of the pins by accident due to the thermal paste drying after many many years and being really hard to pull off, i thought this was no biggie as i had no use for this ryzen 3, upon putting the ryzen 5 in i ran into an issue, it wasnt posting/ no display, i did some research and i figured my A320M-A PRO motherboard was not updated to the latest version and its current version didnt support my new ryzen 5, so as its an older motherboard it didnt have flashback feature so i attempted to fix my ryzen 3, it couldnt stay in the cpu slot at first untill i bent the pins back with a razer blade, it then slotted in fine, i put a bit of thermal paste on again and but the cooler back on, however now i ran into the exact same issue as the ryzen 5, i thought i might need to reset the bios to i took my graphics card out and took out the battery and waited 10 mins and put it all back, then upon starting it beeped 3 times at me, i dont know how i fixed that but eventually i got it to only beep once at me, then restart and idle, still not posting to monitors. ive tried taking the gpu out and this fixes the beeping and restart, but im then left with my original problem of both of my cpu's not going to bios or anything and not posting, i dont know if my ryzen 3 is ruined, aswell as i maybe broke my graphics card pulling it out? (1660) and maybe the ryzen 5 does in fact work fine i just need to somehow update the bios? Sorry for the massive chunk of text, appreciate any help as ive literally been on my floor for like 7+ hours now trying to figure this out lmao

Also, i don't know if this could be it but i was very clumsy re-assembling the cooler after i put the ryzen 5 in the first time and accidentally hit my motherboard with a screwdriver twice, not very hard and i didn't see any damage but who knows. Should i take this to a pc repair shop? ive been quoted 80 pound by 2 shops to fix my pc aslong as their is no permanent damage to any parts.

Sorry if this is not very informative as ive never messed with my pc before and it was a pre build.