Question I don't know much about pc's but can someone tell me if this is good or not

Jan 12, 2020
Gaming/Editing PC with mouse, keyboard cables Monitor Gamingheadset and Ps4 controller installed BOARD: Mobo 1100 R Gaming board CPU: Intel Core i3 new 6th Gen 6100U 3.70Ghz RAM:8GB DDR4 @ 2133Mhz HDD1: 500GB Sata Hard drive HDD2: 1TB Sata drive with latest movies, software and games with latest drivers installed Gigabyte windforce X2 RX 570 4GB GDDR5 - 224Gbps HD Audio Onboard Gaming Case 400w PSU Antvira Antivirus and Malware Fighter installed Windows 10 X64 Enterprise 1909 - December 2020

6th Gen


I always cringe whenever I see a computer advertised as a "Gaming" computer because they almost always have no "Gaming" components.

The "new" 6th gen core I3 is three generations old and a Core I3 is more barebones for gaming. You should be looking for at least an I5 or Ryzen 5.
8GB of RAM is also the bare minimum for any computer system, let alone a "gaming" system. You want to be looking at 16GB of RAM.
The RX-570 isn't too bad, but AMD recommends at least a 450 watt power supply and your system has an unknown 400 watt unit.
Computers for home use do not come with Windows Enterprise. These are corporate licenses that need to check in with the Corporate license server every few months to ensure legitimacy. Since your computer would no longer be connected to that network, the license would deactivate and become invalid.

I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole.

-Wolf sends


Not only is this a poor performer, given that it has a mobile CPU, it also appears that it's also an All-in-One PC. That's even worse since there's no upgrade path; not only would it be a very inadequate gaming PC now, it would always be since you can't really improve it.

Unless this is practically free, I'd run away.
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