Aug 10, 2014
CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X
CPU cooler: Asus Ryujin 240
Motherboard: Asus X570 Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2 x 16 DDR4-3200
Storage: 2 x Samsung 970 Evo 1 TB M.2
GPU: EVGA XC 2070 super 8gb
Case: Asus Helios
PSU: Asus THOR 1200 W 80+ Platinum

Recently the mini fan in my Ryujin has been goin overtime as if my CPU temps are high or something but they are really not at all. As I speak right now its at 40c and its pretty loud. I'm only playing league on it. But now the real issue comes when it randomly turns off. I'll just be doing something on my desktop and it will freeze slowly program by program until I can't move my mouse. But when I'm playing a game my fan gets quite loud but none of the temps are going too crazy. The real difference is when it freezes, instead of a slow freeze, it turns of instantly then starts all the in case lights up again but only runs at 50 or so watts and no display or input. I then can't use the power button and have to hard switch it off on the PSU.
I have ran memtest, I have declocked, overclocked, default settings bios, reinstalled drivers, ran multiple stress tests at the same time for 15 minutes. Nothing with temps or anything seems wrong. Is this the PSU? What is happening?

P.S dont talk about the asus theme, at the time I had stupid money, and had the silly idea it would make leds and settings easier to edit as a group.