[SOLVED] I don't know what's wrong with my pc


Apr 4, 2019
So recently my PC has being blue screening / just turning off on high demanding games, so instantly I thought it was the PSU. I replaced my PSU 3 months ago because of the same thing happening with my last one. So basically I didn't do anything about it because installing a new PSU is a hassle but other weird things have started happening.
List of things:
  • Game settings all resetting
  • Desktop icons rearranging themselves on reset
  • Desktop background being all red
  • Keyboard just stops working / all the keys rearrange their bindings (I don't even know how that's possible), which fixes itself when I replug it
  • My primary monitor keeps swapping around (Once again idek how thats possible)
The problem got worse today when I open my computer and discord takes around 3 minutes to open, so automatically I think its my SSD that's the problem. I do a benchmark and it takes around 10x longer than it usually does but it says everything on my computer is in good condition and performing as intended?! My pc is basically unusable now, applications that used to take a second to open now take nearly a minute.
When I check task manager none of the hardware is stressed or at 100% when stuff like this happens.

Can PSU issues lead to loss of memory or something, or corruption of data such as my keyboard stopping randomly? I am so lost at this point.

Note: I've done a full scan of all my drives with Malwarebytes and it says there's nothing.

-Zotac GTX 1070mini
-VS550 Corsair PSU
-16GB DDR4 @3200Mhz
-Ryzen 5 1600


Win 10 Master
what are rest of parts? you mention ssd but don't list it

Can you follow option one on the following link - here - and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD - that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD

Open Windows File Explorer
Navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump
Copy the mini-dump files out onto your Desktop
Do not use Winzip, use the built in facility in Windows
Select those files on your Desktop, right click them and choose 'Send to' - Compressed (zipped) folder
Upload the zip file to the Cloud (OneDrive, DropBox . . . etc.)
Then post a link here to the zip file, so we can take a look for you . . .

have you updated gpu drivers?

is pc as slow in safe mode? try opening applications for instance
go to settings/update & security/recovery
under advanced startup, click restart now button
this restarts PC in a blue menu
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose startup options
click the restart button
choose a safe mode (it doesn't matter which) by using number associated with it.
Pc will restart and load safe mode