Question I don't know where to go from here.


Nov 13, 2018
Hi There!
I always come on her to find basic answers but this time, it's a posting time situation . I bought a i7 3930K + Asus Sabertooth x79 Motherboard, with a Asetek Water Cooler pre-installed for around $300CAD, to upgrade my girlfriends FX-8120 Gaming Rig. Basically upon buying it(Obviously used), he said it came out of storage. Showed me it booting it up into windows, and I was like stupidly, seeing all the components working and booting into a drive, I was set and bought it. Upon bringing it home and setting it up in a new case, began all the problems.

So installing it wasn't much of an issue, I took of the cooler, and cleaned the CPU in the socket, and cleaned the cooler, and reapplied it with new thermal paste(Arctic Brand). I booted it into BIOS and seen the Temps keep jumping into the high 60's, and then stable out at 70C. I turned it off, and began to do research on if I applied the thermal paste properly and or if the fan/rad configuration was correct. With that said, I booted into windows and it then jumped to 80-85, so I turned it off completely. The next day(Today as of posting) I came to the conclusion that it was obviously the CPU cooler, I reset the BIOS, and while the battery was out I went to the local computer store where they still do curbside pickup, and bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212, and here's where things get crazy.

After ONLY switching the cooler out, not touching the RAM, the CPU(again at this point, still never taken out of the socket), the computer won't even boot/post(I still don't know the difference), basically it won't boot even into the BIOS. I've tried reseating the RAM, reseating the CPU(At this point I've taken it out), checked, and no bent or broken pins, the points of contact on the CPU looks fine(I was super scared I cracked the CPU or something by putting the CPU Cooler, but it doesn't seem I did), RAM I tested in the older build, as well as the the PSU, which I've tried a spare as well. I've tried like almost everything myself and a couple friends can think of.

I currently have two leads;
- After I installed the motherboard the first time, and releasing after what the problem was, I unbolted it, from the case. In doing so, one of the standoffs seem to have came off from the case and is stuck to the bolt from the motherboard. I've read that sometimes standoffs like this COULD be something, not sure any information on this would be super awesome.

- Secondly, my friend is searching for his case speaker(the 2-pin one), so I can get the Beep Code, and figure out from there what is going on.

I really don't know what to do here, as the motherboard light IS on, but I've also read that that doesn't really mean much and I shouldn't really trust the light. I also didn't man-handle the CPU(I'm super super careful), also no cracks or loud noises when doing the cooler. I didn't do this on carpet I did this on hardwood flooring, but the PC was on carpet when used but not open so I don't see how this matters. I don't think he sold me a bunked system because it did boot into windows on his and MY side. I think it ran real hot because the CPU cooler died, while it was in storage, not sure about that situation but.

And before anyone says anything YES I checked ALL connections multiple times, THOROUGHLY.

With COVID going on, I can't really test it anywhere, nor can I really justify, spending more $$ if it's already lost cause, I wouldn't mind spending ALITTLE more but yeah.

I hope someone can help me, ill answer any questions I can answer, thank you for reading, and have a great day! Hope everyone stays safe out there!