Question I don't remember my router's password ?


Jan 8, 2022
Router: TP LINK ARCHER AX20 /AX1800

Hi, I own this router and was told that I need to do a firmware upgrade. the trouble is that I don't remember the router's password. I was told that the only option is to carry a restart which will cause returning to the manufacturer's default values and of course will delete the existing setup values of the connection to the service provider. I'm afraid that if I'll do that, I won't be able to set it up again, since my knowledge with networks is less than limited. is there another way to "hack" or bypass the password without deleting all the data? or is there a guide for ignorant people like me to establish a new setup for the router? I know it sounds silly, but I've looked at the router's manual and I'm afraid of it.


Did you change the password to the router's login? If so, then yes you will need to clear the router's memory of the password. If you didn't change the password after you'd purchased it, you will see the password at the bottom of your router. It's often times admin, unless stated by a sticker aforementioned at the bottom of the router.
Nope. But unless your ISP is DSL with PPPoE, the defaults should get you on the internet, at least with ethernet. The default SSID and wifi password are on a sticker on the bottom of the router and you may not have changed those previously, in which case the wifi would continue to work as well after a reset.

It's a bad idea to keep the admin password as the default "admin" but you could always change it to the serial number on the sticker so you can't misplace it
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Do you have some kind of modem or ONT fiber box in front of the router. In general there are no userid or settings you need to change. Things like cable modem will lock the first mac address they see but the wan mac address will not change. Even if it would you generally can just power cycle the modem and it will pick up the new mac.

I would just wait to do the reset until the middle of the day just in case you need to call the ISP when they are in their office. In most cases you could even buy a brand new router and you would not need to tell the ISP you did it. It would be a router that was a combo router/modem that you would need to talk to the ISP if you replaced.