Question I don't think my Ryzen 5 3600 is being fully utilized


Jan 3, 2018
Ryzen 5 3600
Asrock b450m Pro4-f
16gb 3600mhz ram
gtx 1070 strix overclocked

I'm playing cyberpunk 2077 and im getting terrible performance, my friend who has a system just a tad bit worse than i am is running at higher settings, higher fps somehow

I am running it at 1080p lowest possible settings

My GPU is at 100% use
My CPU is at 50% or less

EDIT: all my fans are at 100% too
In typical fashion, the game seems to be maxing out your GPU making it the bottleneck. Which means your CPU is simply not going to be fully 'utilized'. If your goal is to fully 'utilize' your CPU in gaming it will be hard to do as a 3600 is pretty good when set up correctly. If the gaming experience isn't what you like you might have to upgrade GPU...maybe even to a 6800 or 3080/3070 as CP2077 is notoriously demanding; and apparently a bit buggy.

Look also for game optimization guides, like this one, to help with settings that improve performance on a low(er)-spec GPU.

As far as your friend's comparative performance is concerned: even small differences can have major impact. Like background apps, memory optimization, etc. Fans at 100% may seem helpful, but if they're just blowing the hot air in circles it doesn't accomplish anything. Make sure they're set up to bring cool air in the front for the GPU, and exhaust hot air out the back.
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