Jul 15, 2009
What does overclocking accomplish? I'm a noob so don't take it the wrong way, just looking to understand.

So i oc my cpu to whatever. what about the fsb? Basically all I'm asking is, what does it do for performance? won't oc-ing cause a bottle neck?
A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

When playing a game, you are often limited by your graphics card or your CPU. If it's your CPU then overclocking it will improve your game framerate and/or graphics. If the CPU was NOT reaching 100% (either limited by the graphics card or not limited by either) no benefit is seen by overclocking the CPU.

If your CPU runs at 100% when compressing a file then a 10% overclock results in the file being compressed 10% faster.

In a game, open the Task Manager and leave it running in the background. If no core reaches 100% during game play then overclocking accomplishes nothing. If you see a single core of multiple cores reaching 100% it's not as software can't always use all cores. DirectX 11 is designed to be truly multi-threaded and DX11 games should run great (and many will just LOOOVE the Intel i7 CPUs which have 4 cores/8 threads).