Question I downloaded a file from the Internet and got a virus

May 8, 2019
I downloaded a file from the internet that said it had an ISO file for the game I wanted but when I mounted the ISO as a virtual drive using cyber link
the program did open a setup window but while I was reading through it an other window/page flashed in the background and I was curious about what it was so I opened task manager and saw there there were a lot of programs I never saw mention of in the installation setup window the programs were called abbasid and biochemically so I right clicked the program Abbasid in task manager and choose to open file location and in the same folder as Abbasid there was also the program biochemically neither of these applications displayed any kind of user interface or had any read me text files or uninstall or configure files in the folder with them and when I clicked end task the programs both disappeared for a brief moment before running again and showing up in task manager I also tried deleting the programsfrom their folders and it asked me for administrator privledges and I clicked cone after checking the box for do this for the other selected files and it told me I could not delete it because it was still running so I tried to close the programs and than delete them quikly but the programs were running again before I could do anything about it.

anyway I'm using Windows 10 as my operating system and I wonder how I can manually solve my problem with just the operating system and console commands or by using other programs that are free and work correctly. I'm an 18 yr old male and I've got zero education but I am aware of my poor grammar and low comprehension level but I'm willing to strain and do a lot of self reflection to be able to work with and understand anyone who is willing to help me


Mar 16, 2013
First off:
A 'game' that you "downloaded a file from the internet" is almost certainly virus loaded, or even just a virus, and no "game".
Get the game from the actual publisher. Steam, Origin, etc. This may involve actual money.

Is this a PC that you bought, bought second hand, or bought the parts and assembled?

What antivirus do you use?

Be forewarned...the eventual "fix" for this may involve a full wipe and reinstall.
I'm guessing this isn't the first 'game' you downloaded like this?


If you can get in your computer, you need Malwarebytes and something like COMODO Antivirus- both free
Whatever happens, you have to get them on your computer, there are other ways to do this, but from what you are saying, you are not computer literate.

You could download these programs and put them on a USB - but afterwards that USB maybe infected and would have to be wiped with the antivirus programs you install. Such as this -
as long as you think legit games/stuff is 'just free' from assorted Utorrent-like websites, you'll likely be getting lots of practice deleting your partition, and reinstalling WIndows...

You'll be an expert on this process in no time! :)