Question I dropped may cpu and now it turns on but turns off right away what should i do?


You dropped the whole PC?

Well, one or more things are now disconnected or improperly connected.

Someone is going to have to take the whole thing apart and check.
If it was a laptop with a Hard Drive which, if the machine is new, is an almost improbable scenario, the damage from the hit might have been committedly higher and more serious. Something might have broken badly. And it may be more than one thing. If it was a desktop computer there might be some damage too.

It would really be good, as you've mentioned, that the machine is thoroughly checked out; the detection of the problem may be easy and summary and it may require a lot of time and thorough investigation as it may prove damaged in multiple points.

It would be good to have somebody take a deep breath and check it out for a couple of hours with the proper tools or to send it to a good PC repair service for them to make sure wherefrom the problem arises.

I am wishing the OP a lot of good luck and not to worry as everything is changeable / repairable and hopefully the problem concerns only a singular component (which may be summarily repaired or replaced)! (y)


Jan 16, 2021
Open up the side of the PC, if you can't, YouTube it.

The motherboard should have some identifying features of the brand and model. Let us know what that is.

If you have a graphics card, it'll also have a name on it.

Chances are the Graphics card came loose, or the cpu or the cooler.

If you're comfortable trying to learn how to do it yourself we can help. YouTube and Google agree great resources. Yes it's a computer, it's complicated and it's not.

If you aren't comfortable, I'm sure you have a few friends or neighbors who might be able to help. Ask around. If they can't fix it, I'm sure someone knows someone.
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