Question I factory reset my laptop with a broken screen and It wont connect to a monitor.

May 6, 2022
I was factory resetting my laptop to give to a friend and it wont connect to my monitor anymore. Last time I did this it connected but it isn't this time. Yes, the computer is on. I tried connecting it and closing laptop but I think that just corrupted the windows download. Please help me


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Make and model of your laptop? You might want to grab a screw driver and try and locate the magnet's located near the hinge area of your laptop's screen where it detects if the lid of the laptop is open or closed. With the laptop lid opened, place the screw driver atop the magnet, then connect to an external display and then press the power button. You should be able to get display to an external monitor/display.

I wrote a guide to a similar issue;
that's how I know of the magnet.