I forgot my Facebook account's password


Aug 2, 2018
I've just changed my password a few days ago but didn't memorize it so after letting my friend using my device to log in to their facebook, I can't log in to mine anymore, I can't remember a thing about my password. I've tried so hard to get my access back but there wasn't any button or anything says that it will send a code to my email or phone number associated with my facebook account. I opened my email and see an email as a notification said that I've changed my password and in it was a link to recover my account if that wasn't me doing it. I clicked it and there were 2 choices: "It was me" and "It wasn't me". I clicked "It was me", it brought me back to the login page, that wasn't helping at all. I went back and clicked the other one, it locked my account to protect my information and said that my account will only be opened if I could confirm the account is mine by tying my password and go through some privacy checkup. Since I forgot my password, there's nothing I can do and Facebook doesn't even have options like sending me a code to my phone or email for verifying, it says I must try to remember my password?