I found a promotion for 5 intel SSD 40gb the oldest models for 100$


May 1, 2011
I already have two of those. I think it would be crazy to have a 7 SSD raid 0 arrange. What do you think? I know TRIM is not out yet but common.... this has to performe well theres no other around it! its 7SSD!!!! I would expect at least 1000mb read/ 250mb write speed. EVEN if they are sata 2.

Thoughts on this?


Feb 10, 2012

RAID0 adds the drive space and the read/write so with 7 40gb you will get around 280gb with close to 7x read/write. Read/write doesn't scale perfectly but it should be much faster than a single newer drive reguardless.

You will still have to deal with a much greater chance if failure as any single drive failure will bring down the whole raid but any good backup solution will solve this.

Best current ssd pricing is about $1 per gb.
This deal gives you 200gb, or about 50 cents per gb. A good deal from that point of view.

I think the deal has merit. Even older Intel SSD's have a good reliability record.

1) Does your motherboard have enough sata ports to attach the additional drives?

2) There is no requirement that you use raid-0 which is not a great performance enhancer in the real world. Just a normal ssd is 50x faster in random i/o and 2x in sequential anyway. If you want a 200gb single image, then perhaps raid-0 would be ok, or I think you can even do it in software. If your usage is sequential work files, then raid-0 would be good. Otherwise, don't bother. Regardless, protect your critical files with external backup.




So, are you sharing this or keeping it to yourself?
Do you have 5 open SATA ports? And native SATA ports?

Every mobo I've seen/had only has 6 native SATA ports, supporting RAID in the same array.

Else you'd have to buy a RAID card (PCI), and the cost would be greater than the benefit.

Like others said, got a modern SSD. Speeds are faster than even the old ones (2) in RAID 0.
If these are the "older" Intel 40 gig G1 drives. Trim is a mute point as the intel G1's do not support trim even in ahci mode.

Raid0 does boost the sequencial performance, but no improvement in access time and 4k Random performance is only marginally improved. Loading OS and programs Sequencial performance is the least important matrix.
Sequencial performance only becomes important when working with large file structures such as Large video files (1 gig -> 35 gigs for a single file), large spreedsheets, CAD/CAM drawings, and when often working/editing Large jpeg/Bitmap Photos.