Question I gave up with my H510

May 10, 2021
Hello there,
My setup is i9 10900k + NZXT x63 + FTW3 Ultra 3090 (Air) installed in a H510. I've tried everything to cool this hell, but I've failed, so I decided to move on...and I bought a Corsair 4000D Airflow. I really want that my 3090 runs at low temps and now I'm kind of scared of which coolers I should install on this case to make that happen.

The new case came with 2 stock corsair airguide(?) fans...and I already have 2 noctuas NF-F12 industrialPPC-3000 PWM. Yeah, it was a silly decision to buy those... but I was TOTALLY desperate trying to make the H510 usable...No need to tell that the noise of these fans is like...NEXT LVL....

As I don't have budget to buy a full pack of new fans, I'm planning to install the X63 Rad on the top, as exhaust.... 2 noctuas + 1 corsair stock at front as intake....and 1 corsair stock fan rear as exhaust....

Should I be ok? In my country, I could buy 4 of these at a "descent" price tag...but no idea if they are going to be better than the config mentioned before..

Any ideas or recommendations will be greatly appreciated,
Best Regards

PS: RGB is not my way


The H510 just wasn't going to work with hardware(cpu + gpu) like that because of it's design.
The Kraken X63 and FTW3 coolers can only do so much in a chassis with BOTH intake and exhaust restricted; the air volume coming in and being pushed out was sorely limited for those parts, even with the IPPC fans.
The move to a 4000D was a good one; way more allowance for air volume on both ends.

I know what it's like using IPPC 3000s... I used F12s and A14s for about a year before I got fed up with them and retired them on a shelf for later use.
The motherboard has a unique temperature limit(75 or 80C) for the cpu, that when crossed, any fan curve you set is ignored, followed by jet engine...

3090: You shouldn't have much trouble cooling the gpu core. The Vram is another story. Have you been monitoring Vram thermals with either Precision X or hwinfo?
The fans are still going to revv up when the Vram gets hot enough - some applications make the Vram go over 95C easily.
Having chips on both sides of the PCB and attaching a lil' backplate to that doesn't seem to do enough for cooling, going by the threads I've seen here, on TechPowerUp, EVGA Forums, and Reddit.
Some of them DIY'ed, or jerry-rigged heatsinks and fans on top of their 3090s. Needless to say, it doesn't look as pretty. Here's a thread from the EVGA forums that you may find helpful:
[Scroll down to post #26, and you'll find pics of of the 3090 FTW3 Ultra/Hybrid PCB along with markings where to install thermal pads and heatsinks.]

I'm planning to install the X63 Rad on the top, as exhaust.... 2 noctuas + 1 corsair stock at front as intake....and 1 corsair stock fan rear as exhaust....
When using hybrids up top as exhaust, they need to be big enough to cope with the cpu their mounted to, as well as some of the exhaust from the gpu that will make it's way through it.
You have a cpu, when under heavy all core loads, can draw UP TO* ~250w, and even higher than that depending on bios settings, Windows power plan, MCE, or using specific funky software that have their own 'high performance profiles'.
[The up to is important. You're not going to see that kind of draw all the time - it depends on the application.]
You have a gpu that can draw up to 450w(bios file here showing a power limit of 450w), which, combined with the cpu, is quite of bit of potential - not absolute - heat that needs to be dispersed.
Now, it might be the lesser of 2 evils if you mount the Kraken X63 as front intake and have the other fans exhaust out the top instead...
Your proposed orientation might not be that bad - it's encouraged that you do your own testing and see.

These are airflow fans that are ill-suited for intakes.
Knock yourself out if you want to use them for top/rear exhausts - they'll be more effective there.

Should I be ok?
Everything else aside, you should be ok, but keep an eye on the Vram.
If you are mining on the side, the current cooler is definitely not sufficient, and you will need to DIY the back of the card to keep the thermals down during that.
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