Question I get disconnected from game servers for a few seconds, constantly

Dec 8, 2020
I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if i miss something.

Since I moved to another country, I experience disconnects from game servers in multiple games (Minecraft/Red Dead Online/Overwatch) but didn't happen in others like CS:GO or League of Legends.

I'm using a STRONG Mesh Extender (1600Mbit) with a 1Gbps cable.

I tried everything I saw online, flushing dns, resetting winsock, changing ip, even disabling DHCP and going to a static ip address, I updated my drivers, uninstalled VPNs, Hamachi, Radmin, everything.

When I keep an Internet Connectivity Monitor open, it says "timeout-wifi-timeout 5006ms" for 2 seconds, then goes back to normal.

It also rarely happens on Discord and lasts a few seconds.

I'm out of ideas so anything would be appreciated. Thank you very much


Jan 21, 2019
it could be the games and not your home network ..
i used to play doom with a genuine copy , some people hated me there and i got kicked constatnly
Have not seen that tool but it saying your wifi connection is going down. Do you have a wifi card in your machine also. Maybe it is somehow detecting a wifi outage between the extender and the main router.

It really doesn't matter that you have your pc using a ethernet cable when it is plugged into a device that is using wifi. You are still using wifi to connect to the main router. If the extender site right next to the pc it not going to get any better wifi signal as your pc would with a wifi card in it.

Your problems appear to be the very typical wifi interference problem. Games are extremely suseptible to even very small network outages and variations in latency. With wifi you have massive amounts of interfering signals from both inside and outside your house that can damage the data.

Problems like this is the key reason they say to only play games on ethernet and that actually means you have ethernet all the way to your router and the router itself connects to the internet via some form of cable and not any wireless solutions.

Fixing wifi is extremely hard you need to somehow get strong enough signals that the interference does not affect it. Mesh systems are worse than a direct wifi connection to the router because they have can have many extra wifi hops that each can get interference.

Maybe consider using Moca if you have tv coax cable in both location or powerline networks which use the electical power to provide a connection. Both these are much more stable than wifi.
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