Question I get no signal on my monitor, the Graphics card LED and fans turn on


Oct 3, 2016
Hello. I started to have this problem a month ago. I tried many things already. Here are the specs:
GPU: MSi R9 390 Gaming X
CPU: AMD FX 8350
Motherboard: Gygabyte GA 970 DS3P (a <Mod Edit>{/b] board in my opinion)
8 Gb RAM
PSU: Sirtec 650W
It all started after i bought a SSD, and i mounted it in my case, and that time i also removed the GPU because my case is kinda small and could install the ssd without it, and with this opportunity i also cleaned my PC completely of dust. Including blowing the GPU with an air can. I reinstalled the GPU, and then the strange thing is that it worked alright and after reinstalling windows on SSD, i installed Visual Studio, and while running it i suddenly lost signal, but all happened in the same day so i thought i <Mod Edit> up my PC myself while cleaning it.
Funny thing is that i turned on the PC once trying to figure what is wrong and i heard windows notification from headphones, so i told a friend to call me on discord, and guess what i could hear the call and then i figured out it must be the graphics card.
I dont have any integrated graphics.
I tried reseating the GPU in other PCI slots and trying other monitors/ cables/ connections etc. Some other threads says it could be the motherboard (but i doubt it now) or faulty PSU, but for the PSU i took a multimeter and tested all PINS on ATX and GPU Connections and they give out the right voltages.
I saw a guy on internet taking out the fans and heatsinks on his GPU, and cleaning it from dust and heating it with an heater, after which he managed to get signal.
Im wondering if it is worth trying? I think i need thermal paste/thermal pads for it. Any other suggestions for me? as i tried everythign on the forums on the entire internet.
I cant afford to buy a GPU, neither have any friend to test out my GPU or another GPU in my PC.
Thank you for your time
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Jan 8, 2021
What you can do before proceding to get a new graphics card:
  • Try to place the cable in a different HDMI/DVI/VGA slot
  • Try a different cable
  • Check that the monitor is working by turning it on and off and see if a logo appears or by using another device
  • Make sure that you connect the cable into the graphics card and not on the motherboard since you don't have integrated graphics
If you already tried all that and nothing worked I can only think that you should search for a pc service in your area,call and tell them that you want to come with a graphics card to be tested on another PC to know if it is the motherboard or not.
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