I get the error message "Reboot & slect proper



I have IDE hard disk. Recently
I boght a DVD Writer (IDE}after installing it. I get the error message "Reboot & slect proper boot device or insert boot media
in selected boot device & press a
key. But if I press the plugs (I don't know what it is called)the card connected from mother board to hard disk & restart the PC it will be all right!where could be the error?
Um, did you set the DVD drive as "slave" and the HD as "master"? IDE drives have a jumper bank near the ribbon cable where you can set the drive as master, slave, or cable select. It may be that you have a conflict between the HD and the DVD drive both set to "master".

Another thing to check is your BIOS setup screen. Make sure you have the HD set as the 1st boot device.



Aug 20, 2009
Thats fine just makes sure that the cords are connected tight and you shouldn't get it again. when the bios settings are ok then its usually a cord issue. Some cords get old or are deffective so if that continues you should replace those cords.