Question I got a HP Z820 from a friend who hasn't used it for a long time. I added memory and a graphics card. Issue is that there is no post, no beeps nor any

Jan 24, 2021
I removed the RAM from the board, I got 5 beeps with the red LED on. I removed the power supply, i got 4 beeps with the red LED on. As soon as the RAM is in either one of the CPUs, there is no beep and after a while, the fans run in full speed. I tried different graphics cards and I think my Pcie x16 Slot 6 is not working coz the fans of the GPU dint run when I installed in that slot. I tried different connectors, VGA, HDMI cables, different Pcie slots. All of them gave me the same result as "NO beep , NO post, NO display". I also tried to reset the CMOS by removing the battery and pressing the jumper.

I am new to building or "fixing" a PC and I'm kinda lost at this point. Is there something I am missing?

Any kind of advice to fix the issue would be great.

GPUs used - EVGA GeForce GTX 680
ZOTAC GT 710 ZONE Edition 2GB 64 bit DDR3
ZOTAC GTX 650 2GB 128 bit DDR5
RAM Used - 2 Kingston 32GB DDR3