I got a network nightmare..plz help


Apr 14, 2012
Hi there, I'm new here. so plz bear with me on this. What I got is a networking nightmare. I got this as follows:

=>Main Office:
The main deal is the software..., it is a client/server type software... it stores the databases on the server. All the application parts are run from the workstations.., but store all their info to the server.

1- 2003 server set up as a file server / database server
4-workstations running win 7 pro
1-printer (hp 2300dtn laserjet)

1 - old netopia/motorola 3000 wifi router running dhcp (bellsouth set this up and locked router to make it inaccessable...except by them)
This network is running bellsouth inet...
It is adsl...,always on type setup unless bellsouth changes the incoming ip....

The entire network is setup to be a dhcp type network due to the xp machine below...(the one I want to set fire too...lol) and because the client/server app that they use...

=> The branch office #1: (it's 4 miles away from main office)

no server
1- workstation running win 7 pro
1- workstation running win xp pro
1- hp 2200DTN laserjet

all on pineland inet..
using a cisco x2000 wifi router running dhcp (it is accessable and configurable to do almost anything..)
It is adsl...,always on type setup unless pineland changes the incoming ip....

Note: Both inet companies are competitors and they are severely against each other in this town and neither will play fair with each other at all !!!

I've been requested by the boss of this company to "set this up and make it work"...(his statement.., not mine.)

=>What I've done so far..
I have tried to VPN this deal.., failed...
I tried to bridge the two routers.., Failed.
I tried the remote control way..., failed.
The only thing that has worked slightly is the teamspeak app... but it has issues on printing...( the main database software wont let it print out of its network..which is the main office.)
Can not get into netopia router..., I brute-forced hacked it to gain access to it's web setup but still no luck on port forwarding.
I've spoke with bellsouth and pineland techs.., they wont touch anything related to each others stuff..or even offer advise on what to do to accomplish this..

=>The only solution I can come up with is to make these two independant networks one network so they can both print in same workgroup and to different printers as well. Also so that the database app can be run on the branch office machines and still send its database info to the server at the main office...
I already know that the netopia router is gonna go bye-bye asap...., I'm going to replace it with another cisco x2000 adsl gateway router

I'm somewhat good with local lan networking.., but the WAN networking is severely kicking my behind.
How can I accomplish this feat and not drive this broke bossman insane with too much to deal with ??

Thanks for reading.., PLZ HELP ! It gonna drive me insane trying to accomplish this...

1) your ISP should be able to change the Netopia to work as a modem only and help you setup your own router. From here you should be able to setup your VPN

2) logmein.com has an application called Hamachi

3) do you have line of sight between the two buildings? if so you could use microwave antennas to connect the two office for about $200. this will also save you the cost of one internet connection.


Apr 14, 2012
1- the isp.., they are crap. Ive tried asking tooo many times for them to come replace the router.., but they never show up.

2) Hamachi is a option I am checking into...

3) No line of site between buildings.., and besides.., microwave antennas are kinda buggy..(I worked at a advance auto parts store once.., their stuff sucked due to their microwave transmitter/antenna setup...) The networks go down ..alot that way...



Apr 14, 2012
The following is the layout of the main office going from inet to the workstation...

inet > netopia 3000 wifi router (running dhcp> 8 port switch > server > workstations

the netopia does the DHCP

main printer is connected to workstation 2 (due to location and it a business type huge-arsed printer)

the server installed software > routes all its databases onto drive (backup)
software can be configured and even run on the server.
Software is permanently LOCKED to server and cannot be transferred... due to the "call home feature in its databases". asatire has a way to control server thru the software and can backup to their site remotely...
The workstation/client version is installed on workstations and when told to write something.., it sends it thru the network to server to the drive called (backup)

the printers have to be configured thru the server initially.., I managed to get a way around that to set it up to use mapped printers on workstations....

the branch office goes as follows:
inet>fiber optic convertor> VoIP splitter/router > Cisco Router (running dhcp > Win XP Pro workstation.


I managed to try the teamviewer app... it is very similar to logmein hamachi...
it will let me remote control any machine there...BUT it will not let me print locally. It will only print to server/workstation 2 mapped printer...(weird...,tried everything.., no luck.)


I still believe I am going to need 3-4 static IP's to solve this issue...
Main office - one for router, one for server... convert server to a VPN server and a DHCP server...(It has 2 nics in it)

the same deal for branch office...except it has no server yet... just xp pro...

configure both routers to allow a VPN to each other using IPSec and TCP/Ip 4 installing one dedicated IP into each router

The boss wants to try hamachi way..., I want it to not have any more B.S. software on the server as is needed to make this a reality. I tried the "run a dedicated line from branch to main" deal..., when he heard of the costs.., he said some "nice" words to me....lol. He also stated that he don't want to hear the geeky mumbo jumbo and that I need to make it a reality. I stated.., I will, and I can..,BUT he gonna pay me severely to get this done.

the software keeps inventory (which so far branch office has to manually put in every day till this feat gets done..)..., and is a total P.I.T.A. to me...

YES, I got software installed on branch office...
And I believe that if I can get on server and share the backup drive, then on the branch office thru a VPN, locate and map this drive.., then the local branch software will still think it is the main office network... (IN THEORY)

I just (tonight)figured out (I severely hope) on how to get this netopia 3000/motorola router to allow VPN..., and I will check into the cisco router to make sure that it allows VPN connections and that both can do VPN Ports, and IPSec using IP/6 or IP/4 protocols...

IF ya got any more suggestions.., I sure would be VERY thankful for any ideas.., thoughts.., or whatever I can use to make this a reality...

Thanks to all who submitted ideas ,thoughts so far.., plz keep them coming...