Question I got this virus called Segurazo and i cant get rid of it

Aug 11, 2019
So as you read in the title i have this "anti-virus" program that is a virus and when i try to uninstall it it says it didnt work so i read in how to install it and i saw this i tried it and when i downloaded frst64 or farbar it just shutdown and was deleted somehow i have downloaded it like 3 time now and it just shuts down and gets deleted how do i get rid of this annoying virus?
That's a few times I've heard of this Segurazo 'product'; off to put it on a VM and see what it's about, and what is required to remove it, etc.. :)

Anyone know how they are getting it installed/bundled by accident?

Edit: Post download/installation/testing of Segurazo (In fact, it appears Windows Defender, now called MS Defender?) blocked it from downloading, I had to tinker just to get it intentionally)

MS's Process Explorer(run as Admin) allows the app and the service to each be suspended...

Freefixer allowed me to delete registry startups, the service that starts Segurazo, the application, etc., in all 4-5 places , which (after a reboot) then lets me simply delete the folder (within C:/program files . Afterward, one can then complete removal wtihin 'add/remove programs' menu, which removes all references to it in start menu....

Segurazo will most definitely not allow a simple uninstall, however...; upon starting the uninstaller located within the folder (no option to do so in start menu), the 'yes' button allowing/confirming it's removal is shaded out/ disabled, it least when I tried it. Same when starting the uninstaller via 'add/remove programs'...

Additionally, even at initial installation, it says 'trial expired' :) (Pretty darn quick trial?) Adding insult to injury, the program simply crashed during it's very first scan,,,at least prior to it's crashing at least it has found no 'intentional false positives' threats, so I'm not sure if it's a fake/rogue AV just yet, only concentrating on how to remove it so far)

In short: Segurazo Not recommended, but, with a few tricks,... it certainly appears it can be uninstalled...albeit within a few minutes of effort, and, not via normal easy methods.

Post removal, there are no traces of it running/reappearing afterwards in Process Explorer...
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