I have 1723 mega bytes of graphic memory but games are very slow. why?


Jun 20, 2012
My system confiuration is 4 gb Ram, Intel Core i3 processor ,500 gb HDD.It is Dell Inspiron N5010.I have 1723 mega bytes of sharable graphic memory but games are very slow.The frames are moving one by one slowly. why? Please help me so that I can play games well.


Jun 15, 2012
13thmonkey is right, any gpu that is integrated or uses shared memory are nowhere near as good as dedicated cards. Also that 4 gigs of ram your pc has basically gets cut in half thanks to that gpu.
Its not just integrated graphics its old mobile intel integrated graphics and it was only made for watching U tube. Read this reveiw of it http://www.techie.com.ph/reviews/dell-inspiron-n5010
"We couldn't really enjoy our games, movies and videos because the N5010 provided choppy playback (but the sound was great). This negative aspect can also be seen when we ran Novabench 3; all tests went without a hitch except for the 3D graphics test. Resolution was limited to 1024 x 768, which undesirably stretched out the text and graphics on the screen. Figuring out why this lappie was given lousy graphics would definitely lead to a long period of head-scratching. This epic fail aside, the notebook can handle all other computing tasks well."