Question I have 3 PCIx16 slots, clip on back broke on first one, can I use the 2nd one without any loss of performance as long as it's x16 ?


Mar 14, 2012
Like I stated in the topic, I have 3 PCIx16 slot on my ASUS ROG board (ill post a picture and highlight the spot which says so), can I install my new 3070Ti in the 2nd slot that still has the clip on it? I broke that clip awhile back putting my current and last card out and in my motherboard. I have to use a HDMI to DVI cable for it to be able to work on even at 1080Ti, absolutely will not work in HDMI or displayport ports, so I just used the DVI for 2 cards.

My current card I have installed is in the top slot with no clip, but it still fits so well , I lost the screws and it still fits in with just the support of the cables. I have tried other HDMI cables to see if its a cable issue, it's not, since it didn't work in the HDMI slot with 3 different cables.

I just ordered 3 things, a displayport to HDMI cord to try to just put the displayport in the card and the HDMI in my TV (it's not a UHD tv unfortunately). But it is a fairly new HDTV, 4k, just not HDR, and only uses HDMI ports. So i'm hoping that will work. I also got an adapter to plug my HDMI cable into a DVI adapter then that into a female DVI adapter, then plug that in the HDMI. Also one thats similar but it goes from HDMI to displayport in a little different way. But I ordered a new screw packet, not sure which to use but I have a pretty good idea (narrowed it down to 2) because I know its not wise to install a card without it screwed down even if it will work.

It really comes down to this: Can I put the 3070Ti (MSI) into the middle slot which is PCIx16 (at least I think due to the picture im about to paste, it does also say 3x PCIx1 which idk what that means, hoping someone can shed light on that. Here is that picture.

If I can put it into the middle slot I will have a clip on the back, ive tried installing twice, was told I need to use a program DDU , because my old card was EVGA this one is MSI. But if I can put it in the middle slot ( I dont plan on installing any other devices in there and its a full size case, plenty of room. If there is no setbacks (ive heard of some because any other slots can be PCIx8, but based on that pic i posted, are all 3 PCI-ex16 for sure? If so is there any problems I may experience due to putting it in the 2nd slot as long as it has the power of a PCIx16 slot?

If not, I would feel much safer putting the card in with a clip on the back even tho I ordered the right screws to screw it in the front. They also provided a metal barrier looks like to support the card, at the end of it looks just like the metal strips on the very back on the PC with the holes in them to plug in periphials . If I plug it in with the clip and the screws on the front, would I be ok not installing that piece? because I still can't figure out exactly how to do it. I got NO screws and a tiny manual in 16 different different languages and really i can't make heads or tails of how they are trying to tell me how to install that bracket. Thank you very much to any replies, and to these people and everyone else on Tom's, Have a Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas,, have a great holiday regardless! -Pat


Aug 28, 2019
I broke the clip when putting in a new RTX 3080 Ti and have had no issues with the card. As kanewolf posted, the clip is not needed for a GPU card to function in the slot. One thing I did do to help support it was get a GPU support brace for it though.