Question I have 4 Gb ddr2 ram.My pc was Freezing , restarting and not even starting sometimes

Sep 19, 2019
i changed some values in BIOS chipset configuration and Changed my CPU fan .And It started working again. I don't know what actually the problem is. It still freezes When used it for more that 3 Hours.I Have tried Different combinations of Values For Ram timings. at some values Its just turns On and Turns off. Its freezes in even BIOS at some values.The values right now i am using are 5-5-5-18 , at these Values it freezes but it takes time to freeze . I have tried to boot using Single Ddr2 ram.Pc turns on and off at some values for 1st ram stick and For some other values it freezes the system with time with respect to Ram timings.When i use 2nd Ram stick , my pc turns on at All values but freezes the system just like with 1st ram stick. Ram timing values You know tCL + tRCD + tRP and tRASmin .
Are my ram sticks faulty Or motherboard or BIos Problem?
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