Question I have 5 questions related to wireless network. Please help to solve the following questions:

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Dec 10, 2021
1) Wi-Fi host based on 802.11g@2.4GHz transmits a signal with maximum Tx power 30 dBm and antenna gain 6 dBi, then calculate feasible radio range above sensitivity level, - 105 dBm.

2) From Q1, we would like to apply modulation scheme QAM64 to the receiver host at the end of the range. How much BER will the receiver have ?

3) From Q2, calculate the feasible radio range for the BER less than 10E-5

4) From Q1-3 (rate adaptation), Wi-Fi AP has now a total of 5 mobile hosts who are located at 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 m from the AP, respectively and operating with DCF without RTS/CTS. What will be the maximum average throughput for each host?

5) From Q1, Suppose that 4 hosts form a linear multi-hop ad hoc network, where the distance between two hosts is 20m. To maximize throughput from the first to last host, how much transmission power and modulation do we need to apply?
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