I have a 32-bit windows system. I have two 2 gig cards installed in my computer

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A pair of2GB dimms will work fine in a 32-bit system. I have that config in an older q6600 system. Windows is able to use about 3.4GB of the 4GB, the remainder is not addressable and is not used.

3.4GB is plenty for modern games. For some uses (video edit, photo edit, some productivity apps) going to 64bit and adding more memory is a good idea.

Note, for their competition gaming builds (e.g. best $550 gaming PC) the builders at Tom's only spec 4GB because more does not help.


8GB in DDR2 mode as 2x4GB does help. The memory runs faster and Win7 uses 1.5gb for itself. I would not buy a gamer for $550, I'll wait and save more and invest at least $1000 for something decent. Their built is not good, I had to live with a cheap quirky board for 8yrs. and it's been ups and downs. Although my knowledge allowed me to bring it back to "stable" running, I wouldn't go through the "buy the cheapest crap" nightmare again. Suit yourself, but desktop building is still priced as it was 12 years ago.

Memory doesnt run faster because you add more of it .

Win 7 doesnt use 1.5 Gb for its self . Actual usage is probably around the 650 - 700 mb , the rest is caching of information windows thinks it is likely to need for frequently used applications

32 bit OSes cant ever access more than 3.4 gig , and that includes the RAM on the video card .

Games are [ almost all ] 32 bit programs . That means the game itself can never use more than 3.4 gig of RAM even on a system with a 64 bit operating system . A gamer using a 64 bit OS and 2 x2 gig of RAM can run games like BF3 at the same FPS as if that system has 8 or 16 gig of RAM

Its also possible to game very effectively with a $550 computer . Sure you have to turn down image quality a bit , but thats all . The game is still as much fun without AA an AF


Guess what, you can buy 1 module of Ram and it runs in DDR mode, yes, then 2 modules of ram run in DDR2 mode 2x the bus speed to MB, DDR3 is 3x the bus speed to MB. Even WoW has now a 64bit run mode, soon enough they will all be 64bit, your argument is invalid and will expire with technology, in about...(now).
Can you run games in lower res and lower cpu usage mode ? Yes, but Overhead of Win7 is still 1.5gb and he was talking about an upgrade. A decent gaming computer should have at least 8GB. Also, if you "game" you need to check your English language before you correct other people's assessments.

That is not correct
are all different products and not compatible with the slots of the other varieties . From memory the DDR had 184 contacts , and DDR3 has 240
If you instal a single DIMM , or an odd number of DIMM's in a dual channel motherboard it will run in single channel .
Two [ or 4] DIMMs in the appropriate slots run in dual channel and can double the memory bandwidth giving a boost of 6-10% in system performance
It would always be better to have a 2 x2 gig kit than a single 4 gig DIMM installed

But that has no bearing on the 32 bit operating system limitations , or the total memory use of the OS and programs .
You can use windows task manager to check the actual memory usage of a game [ or any program ] . You wont need 8 gig to game

And you should learn a little bit about computer tech b4 you post your "knowledge"


OP said " 32-bit windows system." You posted 8gb would help. I think you meant if he converted to 64-bit windows. Physical memory above around 3.4GB is generally ignored in 32-bit windows.

You said "1 module of Ram and it runs in DDR mode, yes, then 2 modules of ram run in DDR2 mode 2x the bus speed to MB, DDR3 is 3x the bus speed to MB." This is not correct.

I think you meant that on a chipset/CPU that support it, a pair of dimms in dual channel mode will run slightly (low single digit percent on most benchmarks) faster than a single dimm. This is because in dual channel mode the cpu/chipset can read a chunk of memory mostly in parallel from the 2 dimms. (there is also triple channel cpu/chipsets, etc). But this doesn't have anything to do with DDR2, DDR3, etc. Those are generations of memory technology as Outlander says.

Most people (or at least me) would think it bad manners to tell someone to not post. Instead the usual wording for WTF is "can you point me to a reference so I can understand what you mean. If you disagree with someone posting your own references works well.

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