I have a crashed table that needs to be repaired


Jun 6, 2015
I tend to mess things up when i do too much at once.

also not sure if this is posted in the right place, couldnt decide between win 8 and open source section. direct me to a another area if necessary.

Long story short was watching a streaming website while backing up 150+ gigs of isos i had laying around, from my secondary hdd (D) to an external.
i wanted to game instead so i closed my browser first. Then launched the task mgr to check my D drive workload- 17% stable, so i didnt think twice about launching a game from the D drive. Game launched fine, but i noticed my D drive was hovering around 97-100% workload so closed the game once i got to the menu.

the 150+gb transfer was fine, just slowed down then sped back up after i closed the game.
being impatient about waiting another 25 mins to finish transfer i decided to go back to the streaming site and it give me this error

"Table 'movies' is marked as crashed and should be repaired"

with a blank white screen.
mind you this is the website i closed just before i caused the workload spike on my D drive. every other video site i can think of works fine, youtube and netflix etc. even other applications on my D drive work fine, its just the one site that tells me i have a crashed table that needs to be repaired.

tried to keep it as short as i could, sorry if too long. would appreciate any help on the matter, all i could come up with was repairing with phpadmin, and i dont even know how to install it since there isnt any exe files. thanks again