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Sep 29, 2021
My PC: 5600x rysen--B550-A-PRO--16gb 3600mhz ram gskill--3060ti msi--750w corsair psu--m.2 drive 1tb--be quiet cou cooler

My issue: My pc crashes while gaming in any game I play such as GTA 5, PUB G, CSGO in gta 5 it says direct x failed to initate in the other 2 it just crashes. It runs for a bit 5 to 20 min and than crashes.

What I tried: Windows full reset with all data wiped and reinstalling all drivers with io driver booster 8, gpu driver with geforce experience lastest drivers, checked my power connection on gpu, verified my direct x version (12), swapped my gpu (GTX 1060 6gb) and made sure uptade drivers were properly accorded and still same issues, I stress tested my gpu and cpu temps were good, when I game I check temps and they are all good.

If you can help me that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Tested your ram? memtest86, you'll want to run it for several passes.

if you're overclocked and fail the test then remove your overclock and run it again.
If you still fail, replace or warranty the ram.
I generally don't recommend using any 3rd party driver finder/installer tools. Even if they are made by seemingly trustworthy companies, they are often risky or unreliable.

There's really not that many drivers you need regularly update, primarily just the GPU after all others are installed, and the support tab of the product page of your MB typically has those.

I get my GPU drivers straight from Nvidia's driver page, and I always read the release notes to see what new titles, products or features it supports, as well as known fixes and issues. If in doubt I need it, I also often check reviews on the newest version to see how it compares to prior ones.

I then use a trusted driver cleaner in Safe Mode (DDU), to completely remove the old driver, and only then do I install the new one after rebooting to desktop. Now this doesn't mean you won't have occasional problems now and then, like when they put out a bad driver, but the error you are getting IS GPU driver related, and I suspect at least part of the problem is where and how you're sourcing it, and the method by which you're installing it.

That said, since you're running a pretty new model of CPU, it wouldn't hurt as well to check what BIOS version you're MB is on, and look on the BIOS portion of your MB's product support page to see if you might need a newer version. I'm pretty sure though this is primarily related to the GPU driver. I mean all DirectX errors typically are.
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