Question I have a doubt about adquiring an access point


Feb 23, 2017
I have a doubt about adquiring an access point

So my internet modem is located in a hallway in my house and i can't move it and my PC is currently connected to it thanks to a WiFi doungle that i bought but it isn't the most stable internet. So i've been thinking of buying an wireless AP for my office to directly connect my PC with an ehternet cable but I'm not sure if this is even posible. Could anyone explain to me if I can do this and if posible what configuration should I use AP or Repeater. Thanks in advance.

Sorry if any of what i wrote is weird phrased English is not my first language.


Aug 20, 2020
WiFi repeaters, power-line Ethernet adapters and the like have their own use cases but IMO, should be considered only as a last resort. Read up on them and you'll know what I mean. (Hint: They are typically magnitudes slower than a wired gigabit connection).

The ideal solution to your problem is to lay down Cat5e/6 cable from the router to your office then install a gigabit switch there to share that single gigabit connection to other networked devices in the room. You can then wire your PC directly to that switch as well as other Ethernet devices such as a network printer or a wireless access point.

With regards to the access points, you can use a re-purposed wireless router if you have them lying around or just buy a purpose-built access point. I personally use Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR and UAP-AC-Pro in my home.
This is where it would be nice if the vendors made things more clear.

A AP acts as a "server', it allows end devices "clients" to connect to it. What you want is a device that acts as a client. This used to be called a "client-bridge" but is hard to find. A repeater is kind of a AP and client-bridge together. You can use just the client-bridge part if you want.

BUT all that doesn't really matter. If your current wifi gets crappy signal any other wifi device you put in the same room will also get the same crappy signal and then deliver any data that was not affected over the ethernet. It is not really any different than a wifi adapter connected VIA USB cable. You can go a lot further with ethernet than USB but if you are going to use a long ethernet you might as well plug it into the router.

Now if you have one of those tiny USB adapters it might help but that is more because it has bigger antenna than you connected via ethernet. You are better off buying a better wifi nic for your pc. The PCIE ones with remote antenna are best. A usb stick that has large antenna and can be mounted away from the computer is next. You might get a huge improvement just by using a USB extension cable to get your current nic away from the machine.

Still the best solution to wifi problems is not to use wifi. If you have coax tv cable in your room and near the router you can use MoCA which will give you gigabit speeds with the top units. If not consider powerline networks the units av2-1000 and av2-2000 work well in most houses and you can get 300mbps in many houses.