Question i have a high end pc but my gpu power lags me on games and i get stutters and mirco stutters all the times since i built this pc HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!

May 20, 2019
i7 8700k non oc
MSI rgb 1660ti
G skillz rgb16 ddr4 3000mhz
Inland 480 ssd
1tb hdd
EVGA 850 gq psu

i get stutters on every game until today i dowloaded msi afterburner and saw everytime i got a stutter my gpu power when down from 100 power to 26
then my power limit go from 0 to 1 and my no load limit go from 0 to 1 and i spend well over 1800 on this build and i just wanna play games with high fps no mirco stutters or stutters it happens in every game

When I get micro stutters I check after burner and see that my gpu power goes to 30 then back up to 100
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May 20, 2019
What is your monitor's resolution and refresh rate?
What games do you play at what graphical detail?
When did this start happening? Ever since you built the pc?
Did you run windows updates?
My monitor is viotek 144hz 1440p but it does the same on my 1080 p 60 Hs monitor too play high to medium and I get over 144 FPS in most games like rainbow six siege fortnite rust arma 3 dayz etc
And yes ever since I built my pc this has been happening

And idk but I know the problem I just don’t know how to fix it my gpu power spikes down to 30 then back too 100 that’s what is stuttering me
Mar 26, 2019
Monitor temperatures while gaming. Check how hot gpu is when this happens.
Double check all power connectors to motherboard and gpu it self and see if they are plugged in correctly.