Question I have a problem with the wi fi allocation in my appartament

Mar 23, 2020
So guys over the years like every other teenager who wants to play computer games and most importantly downoload software fast I pleased my family to move the router in my room. The router was in the living room, next to my room. Not that I didint have fast internet it just wasn't enough for me. Scince than I was ale to connect my PC with LAN cable, and it really helped me a lot. But scince that one day my father has been having problems with his wifi connection, when he is in the living room (where the router used to be) he is always disconecting. Even if he is like 6 steps away from the router, which in my opinion is a very small number. Now I just feel bad for him because after all his job is more important than my games. The only solution that is able to help is him working on my desk, where I spend like 80% of my time especially now under quarantine. Guys I just want know if the cause of the problem is the router, because it's pretty shitty overall. But what router is that much shitty to not be able to handle 6 steps of space. Please if someone had the same problem and was able to fix it, comment bellow. I will be really thankful. Our current plan is running 90MBps of speed.
maybe setting the router to 2.4GHz might get more stability in range.
You should experiment a bit with the wi-fi settings. maybe a different channel as well.
disabling the power save feature if possible,...

Another thing would be a power lan adapter set or a repeater near the router.
Okay I see. If you could just tell me where I can acces my router settings.
This is actually kinda scary reply. Find the manual and read it before you attempt anything.

The first thing to try though is on the PC. You want to try to select the 2.4g band. The wifi nic may have the options but if your router puts out different SSID for 2.4 and 5g you should be able to just connect to the proper network and it will use that radio band.