I have a program installed on a computer running Windows Millenium Edition. The

Bruce Palmer

Aug 5, 2012
I have a microscope capture program running on an computer with Windows Millenium Edition. The driver for the program will not transfer to Window XP or 7. The manufacturer of the microscope equipment and program says it is a hardware problem and is not fixable. Is it possible to transfer the hard drive contents of the windows me computer to a hard drive, then partition my Windows 7 or XP drive and run Windows ME in one partition? Thanks. Bruce Palmer


Jun 17, 2011
This might be too late, but you can move the files from the Windows ME Drive over to another storage area. You can't feasibly do it with Windows 7 on the same Hard Drive since you will encounter problems trying to run Windows ME or booting up Windows 7. You can, however partition Windows XP/ME onto the same Hard Disk, but XP won't be able to run comfortably on SP3 while keeping ME stable under 512MB of RAM.

It sounds like a bigger problem than it's worth. Could you possibly clone the ME drive and create a virtual machine of it within Windows 7/XP?