Apr 24, 2021
hi, so when i turn my pc on it will show me the boot settings and so. normal. but after boot menu the screen suddenly goes black for infinite , but when i unplug the DVI port from my graphic card and plug it again monitor will show me the password screen . i mean i have to unplug the dvi port and plug it again or it wont show me the password screen. and I'm using a DVi to VGA port, well because my monitor doesn't have a dvi port and my GPU doesn't have a VGA port. plz help. PC: i3 9100f
gt 1030 2g gddr5
16gb ram 2400mhz
MB: H310M S2H LGA 1151
windows 10 enterprise and i recently upgraded my gt 710 to gt 1030 and didn't reinstall the windows could it be that?
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When posting a thread of troubleshooting nature, it's customary to include your full system's specs. Please add the make and model of your storage drives, the PSU and the make and model of your motherboard. You should also look into the BIOS version as well as the version(not edition) for your OS. Is this system in an office environment? Make and model of the monitor?

When looking into your BIOS, please take note of the time and see if it's off. If so, you will need to replace the CMOS battery with a fresh cell, provided you're greeted with a boot settings menu from BIOS upon every cold boot session.